If you could get your Oracle E-Business Suite Operational Reporting at a small percentage of the time and dollars invested into a typical Business Intelligence platform, while achieving 85% of your objectives, wouldn’t that look great in your ROI calculator? By utilizing the pre-built content in Reporting Workbench to free you up to focus on your core business, we make spending less time and money realize more benefit. Bigger is not always better. Here is why…

When we meet with clients, the conversation often turns to “ROI”, or “return on investment”, in consideration of pursuing a project or implementing software. The real question that is being asked is: “If I proceed with this investment, will it generate greater revenue or savings than what I will be spending?” In formulating an answer, as we take into account current state and future state, with future state potentially being a calculated variable, these can be a challenging numbers to come up with. Factors such as increased efficiency of staff, better decisions made in a shorter period of time, optimized inventory turns and self-service employee functions that are currently managed by staff are difficult to quantify in these calculations in terms of real dollars. Another factor, one that we focus on as a value-add vendor, is: “Will this investment make your organization better at its core competency, either through greater transparency into your business or more time for your employees to focus on that competency?”

As a subscriber to the Red Bull YouTube channel and an avid kiteboarder, I saw a video posted in which the Oracle Team USA catamaran raced against Kai Lenny, a young kiteboarder, in the San Francisco Bay. This wasn’t exactly defending the America’s Cup, but it made for interesting viewing, not in the least part because of Kai’s engaging personality. And how often do you see a $15 million catamaran race a guy on a $1,500 board? I won’t tell you who won the ‘pink slips’, but I will share the video below. Regardless, it did get me thinking, as we see customers purchase the equivalent of the $15 million catamaran when really all they need is the $1,500 board to get to their desired destination.

Polaris Associates offers an Operational Reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite called Reporting Workbench (http://www.polarisassociates.com) and an application agnostic management reporting solution called ORBIT Analytics (http://www.orbitanalytics.com).

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