So everything is moving to this Cloud thing these days, right? Family photo albums, letters, personal diaries, event invitations, dream logs, calendars, computer files, horoscopes and even pictures of your cat playing with a string are all being stored, accessed and managed in the Cloud – so why not BI? I can keep up with funny memes on current events & trends, as well as collaborate with my family about how great my Aunt Peggy’s New Year’s party was, all without an IT staff helping me along – thanks, Facebook! If I can use Cloud services for personal and social intelligence, then how come it’s so difficult to keep up with my business trends and effectively collaborate with team members about that information using this Cloud contraption?

Okay, it’s a trick question. Cloud-based BI is possible – and it’s getting easier.

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Written By: Rick Hight – Solutions Specialist (Polaris Associates & ORBIT Analytics)

ORBIT Analytics is an easy to use Operational Reporting and Business Intelligence solution that enables end users to develop their own analytics. Offering pre-built integration with several common ERP and Cloud applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Taleo, and Salesforce. ORBIT Analytics is a superior reporting platform for enterprise data from any application, any data source, and on any device. Start your free trial of ORBIT Analytics today!

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