The transportation industry is having a difficult time keeping up with all of its data.

The transportation industry is constantly trying to operate within budget while finding new ways to meet customer demands and follow state and federal regulations. Unfortunately, ever-changing market conditions force industry leaders to play catch-up.

Simply put, most need help.

Take aviation for example. One of the most significant problems leaders face, according to Oracle, is their inability to control HR costs. It’s even more difficult to do so when staff typically work in multiple locations.

“The most logical way to solve transit problems is by using

operational reporting and BI tools.”

The most logical way to solve these problems is by using operational reporting tools such as Reporting Workbench for Oracle EBS. Reporting Workbench (RWB) provides managers high-level snapshots of company affairs to help them make quick decisions.

With RWB, managers can pull employee information to better understand how their actions might be affecting the company’s bottom line. How well is the business retaining new employees? How long is it taking to hire personnel and meet critical business demands? How many hours are being worked? How much overtime was charged? RWB can help managers answer these questions. From there they can build comprehensive reports (RWB offers over 900 prebuilt ones), which not only showcase vital data but can also be part of a much larger plan of action. This type of information is crucial to cutting costs and improving operational efficiency.

Transportation problems, however, don’t start and stop with aviation. Take for example public transportation managers who constantly analyze data to improve services and find new ways to meet customer demands. In this case, companies may find it useful to lean on business intelligence solutions such as ORBIT Analytics.

Does a public transportation company want to expand into new territory? Does a railroad want to build new tracks that extend further into now-populated rural areas? BI software can help managers identify patterns in transit usage. They may then compare those trends with alternative transportation tendencies in select neighborhoods. If customers are constantly taking taxis or driving to work, a new rail line could provide them a cheap, convenient substitute. In turn, the transit company increases its customer count and profit.

RWB and ORBIT: Which is right for you?
Reporting Workbench and ORBIT Analytics are two different platforms. RWB works exclusively with Oracle’s E-Business Suite while ORBIT is an independent platform that can accept information input from multiple data sources. Both solutions provide industry leaders with unique ways to manage their data.

If you’re not sure which type of platform to use, you should first understand the problems you want to solve.

Do you want to build easy to understand, real-time reports from your Oracle E-Business Suite data? Consider Reporting Workbench. RWB offers 900+ prebuilt, customizable reports with the ability to export data in multiple output formats. RWB also works flawlessly for companies who once used Oracle Discoverer and still want to use Oracle E-Business Suite.

Do you want a 10,000-foot view of your business data from multiple data sources? ORBIT Analytics gives managers the ability to extract and analyze data from any ERP or Cloud Application while creating powerful visualizations to make informed business decisions. ORBIT provides users the intelligent insights they need to analyze trends and solve business problems that once lay out of sight.

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