While the terms business intelligence and operational reporting are typically used interchangeably, major differences exist between the two.

BI solutions link multiple applications from different departments to produce business analytics. Data from these applications are typically housed in data warehouses and require developers to write reports or dashboards. On the other hand, operational reporting solutions provide end users insights into specific business areas. This allows them to complete everyday business transactions with greater efficiency.

The question then becomes: When does a company use one over the other? Well, ask yourself this: Are my users satisfied with day-to-day reporting to perform functions such as reconciliation or to answer simple questions? If you answered no, you probably need an operational reporting solution. Conversely, you should consider using BI solutions such as ORBIT Analytics, if you need greater business insights to increase company profitability or want to graphically visualize business trends.

Polaris Associates offers an operational reporting solution designed exclusively for Oracle E-Business Suite called Reporting Workbench. Visit out our website at PolarisAssociates.com for more information.

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