Reporting Workbench Product Features

Product Features

Reporting Workbench is the complete reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite users, providing 100% web-based, real-time access to meaningful data in order to get better organizational insights to drive operational business decisions. Our powerful and robust reporting application provides users with this self-service capability because of its many state-of-the-art features, including ad hoc reporting, dashboards with advanced visualization options, Excel Publisher, and GL Flex. It also leverages the same technology and security as Oracle E-Business Suite to provide an easy user experience and the peace of mind businesses need.

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Reporting Workbench

Adhoc Reporting

Reporting Workbench delivers real-time ad hoc inquiry capabilities in an architecturally integrated package for Oracle E-Business Suite. Our reporting solution comes with over 900 pre-built reports for Oracle Financials, Supply Chain, and HCM applications, which can be personalized to meet the majority of your real-time reporting needs. Reporting Workbench’s intuitive user interface guides users to personalize delivered reports or create new ad hoc reports.

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Reporting Workbench allows users to create and publish Dashboards with the capability to view the content in a variety of visualizations. These powerful visualizations empower users to click into graphs and charts and drill down to the lowest level of detail in order to get crucial facts. By providing real-time access to managers and executives, Reporting Workbench Dashboards allow for improved decision-making.

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Excel Publisher

Excel Publisher

Microsoft Excel is arguably the most used program in the business world. Reporting Workbench allows you to publish reports to Excel with live data refreshes while maintaining your formatting and calculations. Excel Publisher, a core component of Reporting Workbench, is a 100% secure E-Business Suite reporting solution that allows users to retrieve and analyze data in real-time using Microsoft Excel. This application enables reports to be published into Excel while still maintaining completed E-Business Suite security on live data refreshes.

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GL Flex

GL Flex, a dynamic and comprehensive financial reporting solution, enables the creation of all financial statements necessary to support financial management reporting needs. With the ability to import existing FSGs or develop them from scratch, GL Flex makes row level hierarchies, drill-downs, and drag and drop manipulation simpler and easier. GL Flex meets the needs of any organization through its ability to use reports, output to Excel, and create pixel perfect reports in BI Publisher.

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GL Flex