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Reporting Workbench Dashboards are designed to provide real-time access to managers and executives for improved decision-making. These powerful visualizations empower you to click into the graphs, all the way to the lowest level of detail you require to know the facts.

Reporting Workbench provides pre-configured, visually compelling dashboards out of the box. We also provide Wizards that enable custom metrics visualization. You can access the dashboards you want and need, quickly and easily!

Improved Decision-Making — Eye-Catching, Convenient & Direct

Key Business Benefits of Reporting Workbench Dashboards

  • Real-Time Access – Our dashboards ensure immediate access to ALL data. You’ll be provided with a host of graphs, pie charts and other analytical tools out of the box. Additionally, you can add them to your Favorites within E-Business to access them quickly and easily
  • Incredible Detail – Take advantage of the inherent drill down capabilities, in order to obtain the lowest-level details
  • Faster Analysis –View a key performance indicator (KPI) , and drill into the supporting details for an immediate understanding of why that metric is what it is. That means no more graphs that confuse; now you’ll get graphs that explain everything! And of course, you can export your results to Excel if you so choose.
  • Organizational Sharing – Our dashboards can be easily deployed as portlets in your corporate portal of choice
  • Keep An Open Mind – Reporting Workbench allows you to have unlimited portlets opened on a dashboard page. This means that the sky’s the limit in your design. Our tab-based dashboarding also enables logical grouping of portlets, for ease of analysis and management for different user groups.
  • Lightning-Fast Development Speeds – Users can build dashboards in 1 hour or less! Our application provides a full selection of dashboard-building wizards that make design a snap!

Customer Testimonials

It was a unanimous vote to move forward with Reporting Workbench based on the ease of use. The City thoroughly analyzed the architecture of Reporting Workbench and certified it flexible and robust enough for their E-Business installation which covers 30 modules for 3,500 users.
CIO, City of St. Petersburg

Reporting Workbench helped us deploy powerful dashboard reporting in 17 countries in 6 weeks. Our employees and executives love the tool and Polaris has been a great partner in ensuring our success!
Marvell Technology

Polaris Reporting Workbench was a lifesaver for Metro Transportation during our first Year End process using Oracle Payroll. The Polaris RWB met our requirements as a Plug-N-Play product. It is dependable, consistent, easy-to-use and saved us time and money by enabling us to run the reports needed to balance our Oracle Year End. If we had to rely on Oracle alone, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we needed as quickly and on time. From an IT perspective, it’s a welcome change for us to know that, our end users can generate their own reports in the format they need with ease.
St. Louis Metro Transportation

We tried Discoverer, but the overhead associated with maintaining the server and Webapp, plus training our users was much more expensive than RWB. Throw in RWB’s seeded reports and E-Business Suite integration and the decision to implement RWB was a no-brainer.