A cloudy analytics solution may be just what the doctor ordered.

The cloud is most often discussed in the context of its scalability, mobility and its collaborative benefits. Regarding scalability, many cloud-based services are convenient because they don’t strain the existing internal IT infrastructure or require a large investment. As an alternative, the provider hosts the web-based service or application from a data center. This means that as an organization grows, it doesn’t necessarily have to increase the capacity of its on-premises servers.

Mobility is another undeniable super power that the cloud bestows upon its users. Wireless accessibility is more easily achieved since any authorized user who is internet connected can still access the full complement of apps and data he or she needs – from any device.

Then there are the collaborative benefits: Everything that happens in the cloud happens in a real time, shared virtual environment.

All of the above positively influence the creation, accessibility and manipulation of corporate data, but they don’t address one of the most important cornerstones of any business: enterprise analytics.

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