Many organizations around the world have implemented Oracle’s Discoverer, an Ad-hoc reporting solution, as a part of their E-business Suite, People Soft or JD Edwards application. However, Oracle has now announced the end date for Support of Oracle Discoverer… Now What???

Free Guide to Discoverer Replacement

What is Oracle Discoverer?

Oracle Discoverer was meant to be an “end user” reporting solution, along with querying and publishing capabilities. Oracle ERP clients across the globe, have acquired Discoverer as a part of their EBS applications. Discoverer allows end users to run reports and consume the dataset. On the other hand, it allows technical developers to create and deploy custom reports to their users. However, the last official release of Oracle Discoverer was in 2009, (Release 11.1.16).

This is a great opportunity for customers to identify and simplify ad-hoc reporting and analysis. Moving away from discoverer presents some challenges and opportunities.

The challenges include:

  1. Identifying Reports to Migrate – End Users over time in discoverer have created multiple version of the same report. This would be a good time to consolidate what is out there and certify it towards the organizations business needs.
  2. Reports that are running on auto-pilot – Many reports were developed by IT staff that are either no longer around, or are not supporting this report anymore. Hence, users are still running them, making business decisions.
  3. Not a Data Dump tool – Discoverer over time because a data dump too, allowing users to access certain data sets, but still having to export to Excel/Access to gain meaningful insight from the data set. (Analytics)

The opportunities include:

  1. Consolidation of reports – The challenge to identify all reports used by the different users across all modules might be a challenge, but consolidating them properly is one of the major opportunities of sun setting Discoverer.
  2. Identify and understand true business needs in the different aspects of reporting.
  3. Provide a tool that provides Analytical capability, more than Discoverers “Data Dump” capabilities.
  4. Leverage new BI technology, to enhance basic reporting
  5. Allow cross-functional reporting across multiple data sources
  6. Dashboard Capability – technology to build real-time easy to use dashboards.
  7. Bursting Capability – technology to allow automatic slicing and dicing of data sets, and delivery capabilities.

Polaris Associates flagship software – Reporting Workbench is the preferred upgrade from Oracle Discoverer. Download our Free Guide to Discoverer Replacement today!


Polaris Associates offers an Operational Reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite called Reporting Workbench (http://www.polarisassociates.com) and an application agnostic management reporting solution called ORBIT Analytics (http://www.orbitanalytics.com).

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