Oracle Corporation has announced the end of Discoverer Middleware. It is time to think of the next solution your organization will use (for at least the next 5 years), in respect to Operational and Transactional Reporting.

Let’s talk through some of the possible solutions:

  • Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) – This is the next generation BI Solution tool from Oracle Corporation. It is the best in class solution of data warehousing, querying, analysis, dashboards, scorecards, etc. Formerly known as Siebel Analytics, it was changed to OBIEE in 2007. The framework is built on an open, high scalable and architecturally unified technology foundation. It comes with a Web logic server and has much tighter integration with other Oracle products such as Hyperion, Essbase, etc.
  • Reporting Workbench (RWB) – A Polaris Associates add-on self-service solution for the EBS Applications. RWB allows end users to see real time data and has online analytical capabilities, allows users to not only access the data sets, but also analyze the dataset for them. It is designed to deliver better report for End Users and reduce IT spending for Transaction and Operational Reporting. It was built using the same technology as Oracle Products and is 100% compliant with Oracle EBS Security.
  • BI Publisher Reporting – BI Publisher, formerly known as XML Publisher creates outputs that are highly formattable. This gives control on exactly how the report will be displayed (look and feel/output formats) and can be customized by a developer to meet pixel perfect reporting. It has unsurpassed performance and can handle very large data inputs and generate output in less time, using low levels of CPU time and memory on data sources. Furthermore, the architecture was built seamlessly to work across any data sources that provide a JDBC connection.
  • PL/SQL Reporting – Using Oracle Procedural Language/Structured Query Language (PL/SQL) reporting can simplify the performance load to do real-time reporting for large data sets. It can act “like” a Data Warehouse model allowing you to perform ETL (extract data) into custom tables. It reliably executed performance friendly reports, while one of the drawbacks is that it would not be “real time” data (depending on when the ETL load is executed). While regular reporting allows only “select” clauses as the main interim to load data, PL/SQL reporting allows “select”, “inserts”, “updates” and many other database calls. The idea is to imagine wanting to run 10 large reports at once, and having the system analyze (slice and dice) to display the data set in an analytical format to the user.

Polaris Associates flagship software – Reporting Workbench is the preferred upgrade from Oracle Discoverer. Download our Free Guide to Discoverer Replacement today!

Many other solutions exist across the board of reporting, which makes it much harder to make the decision. The key is to identify your organizations reporting needs and choosing the appropriate set of technologies to answer those needs. More than often, not a single solution will answer all your reporting needs out of the box.

Polaris Associates offers an Operational Reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite called Reporting Workbench (http://www.polarisassociates.com) and an application agnostic management reporting solution called ORBIT Analytics (http://www.orbitanalytics.com).

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