Countless IT managers believe that only large enterprise level businesses use operational reporting software to handle their ERP reporting needs. This is far from the truth. All types of companies benefit from real time reporting tools such as Reporting Workbench and ORBIT Analytics.

Businesses should use operational reporting tools with their ERP or 3rd party applications due to a thing we call information overload. A report by IDC predicted that the digital universe would double every two years until 2020. It also reported that much of this universe has yet to be explored. This means companies are frequently making important business decisions without taking advantage of the wealth of data that is in their databases. Visualizing that usable, real time, transactional data from your existing Oracle or 3rd party applications to make data driven decisions is a proven way to increase operational efficiency.

Already feeling overwhelmed? What should you do? Consider Reporting Workbench, a self-service solution tailor made for Oracle E-Business Suite, or ORBIT Analytics, a powerful operational reporting and BI tool that produces reports and dashboards from any application in minutes! These solutions efficiently represent your digital universe and provide an easy-to-use, ad hoc reporting platform for end users and IT professionals.

Learn more about Reporting Workbench or ORBIT Analytics by visiting www.PolarisAssociates.com and www.ORBITAnalytics.com.

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