How do you explain the difference between OBIEE, BI Publisher and Polaris Reporting Workbench to a business user in simple terms? Or from a consulting standpoint, how do you assess a clients unique business situation and suggest one of these three reporting tools?

Sameer Jain, an independent blogger on the Oracle Applications with a Focus on HRMS blog posted a great comparison of these tools in his article: OBIEE vs. BI Publisher vs. Polaris Reporting Workbench.

Reporting Workbench: Self Service solution for real-time Operational Intelligence; integrated with EBS and BI Publisher to produce pixel perfect reports

OBIEE: Dynamic and interactive ad-hoc reporting capabilities; dashboard type reporting.

BI Publisher: Meant for operational reporting, not analytical reporting.

Click Here to read the full comparison: OBIEE vs. BI Publisher vs. Polaris Reporting Workbench

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