If you’re hoping to maintain your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite, learn how adding Reporting Workbench to your existing Oracle EBS environment can improve your organization’s operational reporting while increasing company efficiency.

IT Managers are always under pressure to use up-to-date data to develop reports and make high-level decisions. Not only do they need relevant information to develop useful reports, they also need the right reporting tools to do so. If they’re missing even one piece of the puzzle (such as a user-friendly operational reporting software), they fail to create an absolute picture of the business processes they intend to improve.white paper ebs_image-01

Reporting Workbench (RWB) for Oracle E-Business Suite is a user friendly, self-service operational reporting tool and a modern-day replacement for Oracle Discoverer. RWB features a robust conversion utility to make the transition from Discoverer a seamless process. RWB works directly with a company’s existing EBS environment to provide managers detailed snapshots into every aspect of their business operations.

It is understandable if you’re hesitant about switching reporting platforms or even adding additional functionality to your existing Oracle E-Business Suite applications. You want to protect your data security while ensuring employees have the necessary information to make important business decisions.

To address your concerns, we’ll soon delve deeper into how RWB works with Oracle EBS, but for now know this: RWB integrates with EBS so well that the only action required to access the entirety of your reports in a familiar and intuitive interface, is to click on the RWB Responsibility immediately following EBS log-on.


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