Oracle has announced and that the end of the life for Oracle Discoverer is coming soon


So What Does This Mean for My Business?

  1. Oracle Discoverer will not be certified to work on any new products released – this includes but is not limited to the Operating System, Database, Internet Explorer, etc.
  2. Any NEW bugs in Discoverer, will not be addressed by Oracle Development.
  3. No new releases are planned to be released.

Oracle has urged all its current Discoverer customer, and new ERP implementation customers to license Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE).

Here is an underlying excerpt from an Oracle Discoverer Presentation:

“Oracle is committed to Protect, Extend and Evolve strategy which allows customers to protect the investment they have in traditional technologies while allowing new tools and technologies to be adopted for evolving requirements or new development. With this strategy, Oracle allows customers to continue to leverage their existing investment in Discoverer while offering a path to Oracle’s strategic business intelligence offering.”

This summarizes to explain that, Oracle wants users to move into the OBIEE data warehouse solution, even if that includes transaction and operation reporting with a real time framework.

What are my next options?

Since Oracle Corporation has announced the end of Discoverer Middleware, it would now be a time to think of the next solution your organization would use for at least the next 5 years, in respect to Operational and Transactional Reporting.

To summarize what your options are:

  1. Do Nothing – Just because Oracle has announced the demise of Discoverer, that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to use the tool. Your organization has purchased Discoverer and can take full benefit of the tool.
  2. Identify the different types of reporting needs your organization requires – answers such as Transactional, Operational, Analytical, Financial and Trending are some of the most obvious answers.
  3. Identify Report Migration Options from Oracle Discoverer – don’t lose what you have already built in Discoverer
  4. Identify the different technologies in the marketplace:
    1. OBIEE
    2. Reporting Workbench (3rd party reporting tool)
    3. BI Publisher Reporting
    4. PL/SQL Reporting

Many other solutions exist across the board of reporting, which makes it much harder to make the decision. The key is to identify your organizations reporting needs and choosing the appropriate set of technologies to answer those needs. More than often, not a single solution will answer all your reporting needs out of the box.

Polaris Associates offers an Operational Reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite called Reporting Workbench (http://www.polarisassociates.com) and an application agnostic management reporting solution called ORBIT Analytics (http://www.orbitanalytics.com).

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